Megan Beaumont


Megan Beaumont - Receptionist
Megan Beaumont Receptionist

Horses have always been a huge passion of mine, ever since the day I could walk, my older sister would take me with her to the horse yard! My love for horses carried on into my teens and I was lucky enough to get a Saturday job working at Church House Farm when I was 13. I learnt so much from all at the yard and upon leaving school I worked full time starting my ‘horse care and management’ apprenticeship, which I will be completing in the New Year of 2021. Out of all the disciplines, I really enjoy dressage and regularly used to ride a dressage horse named Gucci who taught me a lot. When I am not at work, I love spending time with my dogs Billy the Border Collie and Acer the Siberian Husky, they love walking for miles and doing training. I also have a big passion for cars, fitness, modelling, hair and beauty.