We have built up a strong reputation for tackling complex lameness investigations. At your initial consultation at the yard or the clinic, the vet will obtain detailed clinical history from you as to the exact nature of the problem. It may have been noted that your horse lacks impulsion, difficulty performing transitions or it could be something as simple as a head nod suggesting an obvious lameness. It may also include any possible timelines such as onset of lameness in relation to shoeing or different approaches to schooling. If lameness is detected further investigation may be necessary which will require you to bring your horse to the clinic for a comprehensive examination. We will isolate and identify the lameness and discuss possible treatment avenues to suit you and your horse.

To facilitate the investigation of poor performance and subtle lameness, we have invested in an Equinosis gait analysis system. We are one of only 12 practices and hospitals in the country to have purchased this system.

Treatment approaches could range from short to long term anti-inflammatories, joint medication, shockwave therapy, laser therapy, an Osphos R Injection, Cartrophen R injections, Equidronate R Intravenous infusion, IRAP, PRP, Stem Cell therapy, or Surgery. All of which we can offer at Blaircourt.

For detailed information as to what is involved in lameness examination, please see the link below or speak to a member of our team.

Click here to download our leaflet on Lameness

Click here to download our Lameness Investigation Admittance – What you need to know leaflet