Emily Garrett

Yard Technician

Emily Garrett - Yard Technician
Emily Garrett Yard Technician

I have always loved animals and I am dog obsessed, owning two miniature dachshunds and a weimaraner. When I was younger, I always wanted to ride and after years of asking my parents they finally agreed. I started riding at a local yard where I had regular lessons and seemed to pick it up really quickly. The riding wasn’t enough for me as I was really interested in the care of horses too, so I started helping at the stables after school and I loved it. I would get rewarded with rides and I learnt so much. Soon after I started riding my younger sister did too, so we would go and ride together. As I improved my riding, my parents started to see my dedication to horses and bought me and my sister our first horse. I remember teaching my younger sister all the things I had learnt from picking out horses’ hooves to tacking up. I really enjoyed jumping and started competing most weekends. I still regularly compete at British show jumping with my current horses, Circus and Ben. I have owned Circus for 6 years and only recently got Ben as a 4-year-old who I am producing. I am so grateful to have my own yard at home and I love looking after my horses to the highest standard and keeping my yard very tidy. Hence why I wanted to join the Blaircourt team, to be a part of helping horses and keeping the yard looking amazing.