Dental Care

Routine and Remedial Dental Care

We offer a full mobile dentistry service, using both traditional hand dental rasps as well as a motorised burr for more specialist work. Most horses will benefit from having their teeth floated on an annual basis, however may require their teeth to be checked more frequently. Our vets can discuss what will be suitable for your horse with you.

In order to carry out a thorough examination we feel that most horses are best examined under sedation. This permits accurate examination, diagnosis and treatment of all teeth. To encourage this approach, we offer a significantly discounted sedation fee. This will often work out cheaper than getting the vet out to sedate the horse for a dental technician.

Additionally, more advanced procedures like wolf tooth removal, pre-molar and molar extractions, sinus surgery, creating bit seats and mandibular fractures are performed either standing whilst sedated, or under general anaesthetic at the clinic.

The clinic has recently invested in new instruments for Minimal Invasive Transbuccal Extractions of fractured or diseased teeth.

We have recently purchased an “Oroscope” which is a camera that can view all structures in the horses’ mouth including any dental disease. Along with radiography we can now resolve dental conditions more effectively.