Blaircourt Equine Clinic is fortunate enough to have surgical facilities on site. We can perform a variety of surgeries including standing procedures such as castration, Kissing spine surgery and Lumpectomy. We also carry out surgeries under general anaesthesia such as closed castration, Chryptorchid surgery, Neurectomy and Fasciotomy, Arthroscopy and Tenoscopy, laser surgery such as sarcoid removal (with our new Medical Diode Laser System), wound debridement and fracture repairs.

At the Clinic we have a dedicated padded anaesthetic induction/recovery room and adjacent specialist theatre. Our Haico anaesthetic table is modern, padded and operated hydraulically in order to be able to best position the patient during surgery. Aside from standard anaesthetic monitoring equipment the clinic has invested in an arterial blood gas monitor, which monitors the horse’s blood pressure throughout surgery.

Occasionally, we may come across a case that requires specialist surgery in a referral hospital and as we always put the horse’s best interests first, we will refer these cases to a specialist referral centre for surgery and dedicated 24-hour care. Colic is one such disease that warrants around-the-clock monitoring, with the added need of being able to operate at a moment’s notice should the need arise. It is our opinion that such surgeries should be carried out by those who perform these procedures on a regular basis to ensure the highest chance of survival. It is a well-known fact that survival rates for colic surgery are higher in specialist referral centres. To this end we have developed a very good relationship with amongst others, the Royal Veterinary College at Potters Bar, and Rossdales and Partners in Newmarket.

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