Cheylee Webber

Veterinary Nurse

Cheylee Webber - Veterinary Nurse
Cheylee Webber RVN Veterinary Nurse

Thanks to Mum and Dad I was lucky enough to start riding at the age of 8 and loan my first pony a couple years after, my second pony I share-own and still ride. When I was younger, at the weekends I would help at a riding school and started the BHS stages. I am now a BSc graduate in Equine Studies (Sports Horse Performance) and finished studying in 2013; since then, I have been a head groom and assistant manager of two dressage establishments. After starting at Blaircourt I completed my nurse training course to become a registered veterinary nurse. In my down time, if I’m not playing ponies, I go on adventures with my dog and my time is now taken up with my son, Hudson.