Mark Meter

Clinical Director

Mark Meter - Clinical Director
Mark Meter BVSc MRCVS Clinical Director

I spent my childhood on a dairy farm in South Africa and developed a love for all things equine from a gentle old cob called “Roman”. He was long suffering and put up with me trying to turn him into a racehorse and polo pony! After finishing boarding school I then joined the army to complete a two year conscription. After completing an officer’s course, I then went on to help train game rangers in the prevention of poaching. After that university beckoned, which entailed 3 years of a BSc in Agriculture and then on to Veterinary school for another 5 ½ years of studying (some would say a professional student!). After practicing for a short while in South Africa, I made the move to the U.K. and settled in Bromsgrove (Worcs) for two years in a large mixed practice. During 2000 I moved to Essex and joined Blaircourt and have never left!

My focus is on poor performance, internal medicine and complicated dentistry, amongst others. We take an active approach to Continuing Professional Development at Blaircourt and to this end, Patrick and I attended a “Minimally invasive Trans-buccal Extraction Technique” course (basically means removing a horse’s tooth via a surgical incision in the cheek) in Denmark. This is a novel and delicate way of removing a tooth with far less trauma and complications than can be experienced with conventional extraction techniques.

During my spare time I cycle, run, ski and enjoy game fishing (the rugby boots were hung up quite some time ago-too many injuries for an old body!). I also try to keep up with a pair of rather active sons!