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November 24, 2017

Routine and Remedial Dental Work

We offer a full mobile dentistry service, using both the traditional hand dental rasps as well as a motorised rasp for more specialist work. Our policy at Blaircourt is that most horses can have their teeth floated on an annual basis – provided that the job is done correctly on each occasion. As a result of this, we feel that most horses are best done under sedation to allow full access to the most caudal teeth, where often the biggest problems lie. To encourage this approach, we offer a significantly discounted service including sedation – and in fact will often work out cheaper than getting the vet out to sedate the horse for a dental technician. We insist that all examinations are performed, using a gag, without which, any form of dentistry is ineffective. Additionally more advanced procedures like pre-molar and molar extractions, sinus surgery and mandibular fractures are performed either under standing sedation or general anaesthetic.

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