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November 24, 2017

Pre-purchase Exams

It is vital that when deciding on the purchase of a new horse that you consider a thorough veterinary exam PRIOR to purchase. Most often, we suggest a five-stage exam that allows us to get a full picture of the prospective purchase, both at rest and at work. Furthermore, on occasion we may feel it prudent to advise further studies such as X-rays to fully inform ourselves on a potential problem. A small investment at this early stage can save a lot of money (and more often tears!) in the long run. It is also imperative that there are suitable facilities on hand to be able to conduct a thorough examination. These include:

  • a spacious well lit examination area (preferably under cover!),
  • a stable that can be darkened to allow a full eye exam,
  • a level, firm trot up area of at least 30 m
  • a good quality arena to work the horse under saddle
  • an experienced rider who can get the best out of the horse both in hand as well as under saddle
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