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November 24, 2017

Diagnostic Imaging (X-rays and Ultrasound)

We have a dedicated imaging room where all x-ray and ultrasound exams are carried out. Investment in a digital xray, has resulted in a far more efficient process with unsurpassed quality. Our modern machines are capable of taking top quality x-rays of most parts of the body, including necks, backs, and stifle joints. X-rays can now be viewed within seconds of being taken, whether it be in the clinic or out at your yard. The digital nature of these xrays means they can then be emailed immediately both locally and internationally for second opinions if necessary.

Ultrasound examinations involving lameness and medicine cases are performed with a powerful hand held scanner that can be connected to a larger screen. Despite being a portable scanner, it produces fantastic images of tendons and ligaments amongst other things. Its portability means that it can also be taken out to yards for easier convenience, for both orthopaedic and medicine applications as well as mare breeding work.

Teasel Scan Picture 3

Nail in foot Radiograph Edited Pic

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