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November 24, 2017


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Blaircourt Equine ClinicBlaircourt Equine Clinic was established some 30 years ago based in Rettendon. Our purpose-built clinic in Woodham Ferrers was officially opened in July 2006, and was designed to allow easy access and movement of horses, as well as provide pleasant rural surroundings for horses, owners and staff alike.

Large Work-up Area

The clinic itself has a large work-up area where all consultations are carried out, with stocks available if necessary. An internal stable allows for close-up monitoring of critically ill patients, as well as providing a handy day-stable whilst ...

Dedicated Diagnostic Imaging Suite

The clinic also has a dedicated diagnostic imaging suite where all X-rays and ultrasound scans are carried out. Both these procedures can be done with portable machines out at your yard if circumstances require. We also use a shock wave machine ...

High Spec Operating Suite

A purpose built anaesthetic box and operating theatre occupy the end of the main clinic building. This operating suite has been built to a high spec and allows us to perform most surgical procedures in a sterile, modern environment. CCTV covers ...

30m Flat Concrete Trot up Area

Due to the high number of lameness investigations carried out by ourselves every year, we have invested a significant amount of money and space to this field. To this end we have a 30m flat concrete trot up area for assessing lamenesses in hand. ...

Hospitalisation Facilities

Hospitalisation Facilities include a large, well-ventilated barn to house all in-patients. CCTV monitors all the stables. We also have two large paddocks to ensure those patients that can go out can enjoy a stress-free time out grazing!

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